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Through working alongside survivors, victim support groups and
law enforcement officers - including my son, Edward Riglin - I
have developed a deep empathy for the victims of human
trafficking, and an understanding of the complexities of this
hideous, transnational crime and the untold suffering which it

I wholeheartedly support the 'Together Let's Stop Traffick' 2013
Summit, and its ambitious goal of bringing together experts with
specialist knowledge of how best to confront this growing trade
in human misery to, ultimately, design and build the world's first
International Resource and Coordination Centre to combat
human trafficking.

The Summit is a forward-looking, multi-sector, borderless
initiative which seeks to provide all nations with a common
platform through which to share information and resources, and
work together at a functional level.

I urge you to attend, and play an active part in realizing this
far-reaching plan.


Joy Smith MP
Kildonan-St Paul