JOIN US   |   SAVE THE DATES: 9-11 NOV, 2015   |   The 2015 Summit will be hosted by The IPTI in Los Angeles, California, USA at the Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles Hotel   |   SAVE THE DATES: 9-11 NOVEMBER, 2015   |    Collaborative, hands-on sessions will be facilitated by renowned Canadian consensus builders, CT Labs   |   SAVE THE DATES: 9-11 NOV, 2015   |   Network with law enforcement, NGO and victim support specialists from across the globe   |   SAVE THE DATES: 9-11 NOV, 2015   |   Help build the world's first fully-integrated Global Resource Centre for the benefit of all nations   |   SAVE THE DATES: 9-11 NOV, 2015   |   Join us and make this important initiative a reality

An event of this scale and significance requires extensive expertise and assistance provided by a wide range of companies, and volunteers.

As not-for-profit organizations, The IPTI operate within extremely modest budgets, and we are therefore hugely grateful to:

  • CT Labs
  • American Military University
  • Katja Maas Design
  • Pamela Bailey, ps creative communications
  • Yvonne Bean, HelmsBriscoe
  • Marcel van der Watt, University of South Africa
  • Adam Klein, USGRDCO
  • Mark and David Lorimer, Eventive
  • Lambia Karitsiotis and Peggy Campbell
  • Ron Werda, Solution Dynamics
  • Mark Cairns, CapabilityX
  • Maureen McVey, The International Institute of
    Business Analysis